Five reasons you need a new garage door opener

Issuing time:2022-06-30 10:42

After a long day at work or being out and about, coming home to a garage door that won’t let you in is the last thing you want.

If your garage door gets the shudders, grates and grinds or is slow to respond, it can really make life hard. Worse still, it could be a sign that your garage door is a safety concern for you and your family.

Whether it’s slow and clunky, out of date, noisy or unsafe, every home deserves a garage door that opens seamlessly, every time.

Below are five reasons you need a new garage door opener.


When was the last time you checked the functionality of your garage door opener? Merlin’s Safety Whitepaper showed that while one in two homeowners have no idea whether their garage door opener meets the required safety standards, compliance is important to them. Over 57 per cent said they would immediately replace their garage door opener if they knew it wasn’t safe and compliant.

If a child or pet gets caught underneath the door without safety reversal technology, they could be seriously, or even fatally injured.

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